Environment, energy & buildings

Opportunities in the energy and environment sector continue to emerge. Whereas traditionally focused on key areas of concern such as air and water pollution, a combination of growing awareness and tougher laws/regulations are seeing increased interest in areas such as water quality and waste management. Alongside this the greening of society is seeing related developments in sustainable products and services thereby presenting new markets.

Chris Hadley Consulting is one of only a small number of dedicated consultancies to have a strong track record in this market. A variety of projects have been undertaken during the last two decades that give the practice a wealth of knowledge as well as practical experience as to how markets within this sector operate.

Our key areas of interest are:

  • Renewables and alternative power sources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Buildings and Facilities Management
  • Building automation
  • Air pollution solutions
  • Water and wastewater solutions
  • Waste management solutions
  • Contaminated land and remedial solutions
  • Sustainable technology and services