Garden Product Retailing – UK – 2020

Written in the first half of 2020, this report illustrated the scale of threat posed by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilising a mix of desk and field research prospects for those retailing garden products appeared bleak. Yet analysis of activity by retailers and suppliers within the sector illustrated a robustness to the market which was expected to minimise the decline in revenues that this sector was facing.

Online and other innovations such as click-and-collect and drive-thu sales were some of the solutions being offered as many in this market sought to save their summer. The result was that while analysis suggested that some areas of this sector, such as plants, would be badly hit others, such as leisure, would likely benefit especially from the increased time at home brought about by changed working practices.

Forecasting was a challenge for this market but a recovery in sales was predicted for 2021 with the sector continuing to expand beyond this point as the growing use of the garden as an outdoor space for leisure and relaxation continue to grow.

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