Medical and non-medical Collimators – Europe and North America – 2021

The medical and non-medical imaging market is one where end user demands are a major driver towards investment. A desire to do more, but better, is seeing ever more sophisticated equipment being sought across a range of markets. However, for suppliers the question remains about the exact direction of the market and its likely pace of change.

Chris’ client was already closely involved in this market as a supplier of components for equipment used for imaging. As a tier 1 supplier, their interest was a better understanding of future OE demands, trends by modality as well as the wider direction of downstream applications.

Desk and field research focused on manufacturer interviews across Europe and North America. Demands for quality and adaptability from imaging units were two of a number of key findings that flowed from the research which also provided a detailed review of likely changes and opportunities by specific modality as well as wider market developments across these two key regions.

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