AI and Machine Learning in Industry – International – 2022

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning are beginning to have a major impact in the real world. Looking beyond recent headline developments, such as those made by ChatGPT, a growing number of companies are already benefiting from the changes that both can offer especially at an R&D level.

Chris was asked to assist one such client who was looking at communicating the benefits of its AI and Machine Learning tools. Already working with a major engineering multinational, the company was in the process of developing next-generation design and production process solutions to reduce the complexities and costs for similar OEMs and tier suppliers.

Work involved a thorough review of initial research that had already been undertaken and the construction of a number of white papers. These sought to talk the reader through the benefits of this new approach to product development from its conceptual use through to opportunities, its role in virtual engineering as well as the benefits it can deliver from its adoption.

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