Connected Vehicle Technologies and Solutions – USA – 2021

Software on wheels is an increasingly used term for the modern car. This report delved further into this concept to assist a US service provider of services better understand how the market operates and where it is heading.

Using research already undertaken by the client into V-V2X and connected vehicles, Chris Hadley Consulting assembled a number of white papers to be used to inform members of the client’s team about key developments. Addressing changes in data storage and the rise of the cloud it also looked at developments in mobile infrastructure, such as 5G, before exploring more specific on board and environmental technical developments.

A key conclusion from the research is that vehicle markets such as the US will be transformed over the coming decade by the growing use of technology. Rising interest from OEMs, enabled by developments such as AI, will allow CASE solutions to proliferate. Service providers are well placed to enable such change with significant opportunities for those that invest and foster partnerships.

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