Kitchens and Kitchen Furniture – UK – 2022

Working with one of Chris’ long standing clients, research was undertaken into the UK market for kitchens and kitchen furniture. Although largely a desk based project, the report also saw the use of a field research panel to offer a consumer view of interest and demand for furniture in this market.

Given the cost of living crisis that was building in the UK during 2022, one of the key findings of the research was a preference for spending less as opposed to more with the result that, for many, making small investments in this space would continue to be a priority. Yet for those involved in large scale refits, the picture painted by the research was more worrying: a reluctance to spend large amounts on their kitchen was seeing some postpone investment while others were trading down and adjusting their specification. One bright spot identified for this sector was online. Here, a growing willingness of consumers to purchase online, offers the potential to boost opportunities for manufacturers and sellers who are willing to invest in this space.

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