Mapping Opportunities for Efficient Construction – Europe – 2022/23

Seeking to benefit from developments in the construction sector for more efficient processes, Chris was involved with a European supplier of building materials seeking to better understand appetite for its own approach to this development.

Research was undertaken in two stages during 2022 and 2023: firstly, the investigation and quantification of potential market opportunities followed secondly by a deep dive into the specifics of working in particular markets. The initial project involved a mix of desk and field research which included quantification and modelling of demand for specific materials in the medium and long-term. The second part of the project saw greater focus on field research across a smaller number of European markets. Here, in order to deliver the best insights, a number of linguists with experience in this sector were used.

Key findings from the research were the differences between individual European markets when it comes to both demands for specific building materials and their interest in adopting new working practices. For the client, such information was critical as it allowed them to focus their marketing towards markets which were likely to deliver the best opportunities.

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