Mobile Water/Wastewater Treatment – North America – 2017

Chris Hadley Consulting worked closely with an international partner on a review of the mobile water and wastewater treatment market in North America. Demand was found to be geared towards the needs of the industrial sector with overall revenues valued at just under $500 million.

Research was undertaken with major players operating in this sector. It identified how short-term process requirements were a particularly important reason for accessing mobile treatment capacity with sectors such as power, petrochemical and chemicals key markets. Emerging opportunities in areas such as oil and gas were evident with these closely linked to the recent growth in fracking as well as being influenced by growing restrictions on the disposal of process waters on site. A range of technologies were identified as being used for mobile water and wastewater treatment. These include resin and membrane technologies for water treatment and physio-chemical and membrane technologies for wastewater treatment.

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