Options for FM Delivery – USA – 2019

During 2019, Chris was involved with a US study looking at the way that a provider of FM solutions could better serve a number of markets. The company was aware that a ‘one size fits all’ approach wasn’t being sought by its client base and had a number of options to deliver more tailored solutions. Research was required to ascertain which clients (sector, size etc) would be more inclined to be interested in particular solutions so as to assist in the development of a strategy for the market and roll-out of services.

As part of the research process, Chris undertook a number of in-depth telephone interviews with particular sectors that were already being served by the FM provider. Interviews were made with a range of organisations. Some were currently outsourcing while others had programmes in place to self-perform some, or all, FM tasks.

Data obtained was presented in a tableau format, with strategic advice given to the client by report and telephone as to the suitability of sectors for specific FM solutions.

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