Car & Van Hire – UK – 2019

During 2019, Chris reviewed the UK sector for private car and van hire. This was a market that Chris had last reviewed in 2014. Research findings suggest that the sector has undergone changes in this intervening period, notably as a result of increased competition that traditional car and van hire is now facing. While market value has grown, stripping out inflation, there has been stagnation. Coupled with falling rental numbers, the sector would appear to be in trouble.

Research identified the car hire sector as performing badly in recent years. This is likely to reflect the growing availability of alternative methods of accessing a car, such as car clubs, for those who don’t own one. Despite this, a significant majority of adults remain uninterested in newer alternatives to vehicle hire. Those that are active in the market tend to hire for specific reasons only and it would appear here that the sector needs to focus its attention going forward.

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