Motorcycles – UK – 2018

Chris Hadley Consulting worked on a review of the UK motorcycle and scooter market. The report, an update to one that had been produced some years earlier, aimed to completely revise in-house data on the size of the market and its prospects.

Work with the main trade association that represents the industry and collects statistical data was a key part of the project. Agreements were made with the trade association for such information to be used thereby helping greatly in the reports accuracy. Together with desk and field research, a thorough review of the market’s dynamics was presented.

Although the UK two wheeled market has been in long-term decline for many years there is evidence that this decline has slowed with some expansion in the demand coming recently. Lower powered, 125cc, machines in particular were noted has seeing growth with this also true for some other sectors i.e. some owners are trading up towards more expensive machines. As with other sectors of the automotive market, technology was shown to be helping to stimulate interest in the market – electric powered bikes are beginning to become commercially available

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