Large Domestic Appliances – UK – 2013-2017

Chris Hadley Consulting offered support between 2013 and 2017 for an annual review of the UK large domestic appliance market. Undertaken on behalf of a leading UK agency, the review looked at tracking changing consumer tastes in the purchase of particular appliances as well specific issues such as developments in retail channels and consumer interest in smart technology.

The research, which was purchased by a number of key players in the UK appliance market, offered the opportunity to track developments in consumer purchasing and interest. It illustrated, for example, the importance in the ownership of certain appliances notably washing machines, fridge-freezers and electric ovens.

Although it ran for only five years, notable developments were evident in growing consumer confidence in the use of online as a purchase channel. However, more mixed results were evident when it came to smart technology. Here although early interest in appliances offering such technology was apparent this failed to build resulting in such appliances remaining a niche market.

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