Vehicle Recovery Services – UK – 2020

An update to recent research into the UK vehicle recovery services market during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 found it to be one of the more resilient of markets. Despite plummeting car sales demand for recovery assistance remained bullish illustrating the importance that many car owners place in such support.

A combination of interviews and desk research with those that make up the ‘big 3’, as well as others, illustrated the continuing intense level of competition that the sector faces. While there remains a degree of loyalty to using certain companies, a growing number of car owners seek out policies that are offered for free or those that are offered at a discount. Although smaller providers have made good progress in the market their progress appears to have stalled.

Additional services are becoming important to a growing number of drivers offering the prospect that the market can move away from competing on price. New technology is available to assist those in need with the role of mobile communication in particular assuming a higher profile when deciding on a vehicle recovery provider.

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