Electric and Hybrid Cars – UK – 2016

Chris Hadley Consulting was involved in a complete review of the UK market for so-called AFV (Alternative Fuelled Vehicles) with a particular focus on hybrid and electric vehicles. The review was aimed as assessing the likely prospects for the UK market over the coming decade as well as addressing factors that would have an impact on the development of the sector.

A key element of the project was a thorough review of desk research and existing forecasts that already existed on this market and its future prospects. Combined with trade interviews and an assessment of likely policies to stimulate this market, new forecasts for the market were developed.

Key results from the research were forecast volumes for the hybrid and electric vehicles as well as complementary forecasts for vehicles in the Ultra-Low Emission market. Findings from the research also looked at the importance of particular factors that are likely to have an impact on the development of the AFV market as well offering insight into consumer behaviour towards vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

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